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Aix-en-Provence is one of the important cities in France since its existence. Aix is a fantastic town whose economical resources are more based on academics and tourism rather than on heavy industrial sectors.

As the history of the city dates back to Roman times and being one of the popular tourist destinations in France, the city is well-known for its traditional and customary industries such as tourism, universities, and spas.

The Aix town has several training colleges, universities, a college of art and design, and a center for many international study programs. As an important educational center, with many teaching and research institutes, education also plays a vital role in the economy of the city.

However, the authorities of the city have developed a series of industrial parks for the service industries and other high profit industries and activities. So, Aix experienced a boom of economic developments in 1980s.

The industrial sector of the city was formerly occupied by flour-milling, the manufacture of confectionery, iron-ware, hats, matches, processed foods, and the extraction of olive oil. Some of the current additions in the industries include the semiconductor and electronics industry specializing in microchip technology for credit cards, computer software industry, viticulture, the manufacture of santons i.e. traditional hand-crafted figurines, and the manufacture of calisson and chocolates.

As Aix en Provence is one of the leading towns in terms of growth in the local taxes in France, it experiences the healthy growth in income from local business taxes.